About Me

My name is Cody Sansom and I am the owner and maker at Longleaf Blades. This is my story…

        My passion for knives started at a young age. I received my first knife at Christmas when I was 3 years old. I still have it. Several family members collected and carried knives. When I was teenager I remember my father asking to borrow my knife. I told him I didn’t have one on me. He said that everyone should have a knife on them every day. He was right about that.

        In 2013 my wife and I moved to a new city. We had to leave our friends, family, and hobbies behind. One day I was having a conversation with a coworker about needing a new hobby and knife making came up. I started to think, “how hard could it be to make one?” After a couple of YouTube videos and some discount tools, I was on my way! After several test runs and failed attempts, I finally decided to get serious in 2017. Day by day I have bettered myself and my skills to make high-quality knives that people can use every day of their life.